Since 1949, PLIDCO has been at the forefront of the pipeline repair and maintenance industry by creating solutions to help minimize costly shut-downs, saving customers time and money. Our quality workmanship has been proven with the successful installation and use of hundreds of thousands of fittings. PLIDCO has agents around the globe and we are available 24 hours a day to help solve your repair problems. Our stock and custom fittings are recognized as safe, long lasting and of the highest quality.

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  • Split Sleeve Clamp
  • sole-mates
  • smith-clamp
  • weld-clamp
  • riser-type-weld-ends
  • flange
  • power-grip
  • shear-plug
  • hot-tapping-saddle
  • clamp-sleeve
  • weld-ends-coupling
  • flange-repair-split-sleeve
  • flange-repair-ring
  • split-repair-ell